Unexpected visit ….

It was Friday, evening. I have just returned home. After school, I went to my friend, and somehow sat up, that I was back late. After arriving, at the request of my mother, I had dinner and then went to take a bath. Entering the bathroom, I immediately took off my pants, panties and socks, threw them into the basket for dirty clothes and got rid of the rest of the clothes – T-shirts and bras.

I was completely naked

I was completely naked

I was completely naked. I reached into the drawer to get a razor and foam. I put them next to the bathroom. The first thing I did was drop the water and sit down. Then I covered my body with a gentle stream of water, then applied a layer of foam on my legs and carefully shaved. Later, I put foam on my pussy and got rid of hair with even more precision. I repeated this action three times, because I hate it when I have at least one hair. I also shaved my hair around the anus. Unfortunately … I also have hair there, and … it’s sad. In the end, I cleaned up other parts of my body, and the last thing I did in the bath was rinsing. I love to play pranks with my pussy, pouring it out of the shower. I often do that. It gives me great pleasure.
I love to imagine that I masturbate on camera. I came out of the bath, dried off, dipped in a balm, wearing shorts and a loose T-shirt, I left the bathroom, heading for my room. On the way, I wanted to say “good night” to my mother, but she was already asleep, so I did not want to wake her up.

When I entered, I saw a beautiful bed and an order on the table and on the bedside table. My mother did it … oh, I don’t like it when she does it, I’m 18, not 5 … but let’s finish this topic. I lay down on the freshly smelling bed, looked through Facebook, but after a moment I really wanted … I closed the door to my room, spread out the sheets and took off all my clothes. I was sure that my mom was sleeping, so I felt very comfortable. I lay naked on the bed, started gently kneading the chest, squeezing hard, touching my nipples with excitement. After a while I sank lower. My hand was already on my delicate pink pussy. I began to massage her with two fingers. Great pleasure engulfed me. I like it. One hand took care of her pussy and the other caressed her breasts. At that time, I was not thinking about anything but the pleasure that I now feel. Suddenly, I heard someone enter my room. Yes … Mom noticed me masturbating. When I saw her, I did the same – I caressed these two parts of my body. It took me a few seconds to realize that she is here and sees how her daughter masturbates. I was ashamed. I did not know what to do. I expected to shout at me for it, but her reaction was completely different. She came up to me (I was obviously naked, my nipples were sticky), and to my surprise she said: “Sorry, I disturbed you”, she stroked my head, kissed me, smiled and left …

After this situation, I did not leave the room the next day. I felt so damn embarrassed. She came to my room to talk to me before breakfast. She tried to explain to me that I was 18 years old, and masturbation is something natural, and I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I was ashamed of myself, but in the end I succeeded. I asked: “Mom, did you do it at my age?” Everyone has needs, especially you at this age, ”she added after a while,“ and I have known for a long time that you masturbate. ” She smiled and left. After this conversation, my eyes widened in surprise. I did not expect …